Ridge Runner

The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. To look up these streets you may use this link to Google Maps https://google.com/maps or any mapping program you choose.

5:58 AM Depart Tibardis Lot  3:40 PM Bus Departs Charleston Base  
  Left on Tibardis    Entered PSNS via Charleston Gate  
  Left on Tracyton   Entered CIA via Farragut Gate  
  Left on Stampede   Stops: FISC  
6:05 AM Right onto Firglade 4:09 PM Stage: DD6  
  Firglade   Stops: Bldg. 1106 - door 3, Bldg. 431 - door 2,  
  Right on Stampede    Bldg. 560 - canteen, crosswalk at Main Gate  
  Right on Fairgrounds Rd   Exit PSNS via Main gate  
  Right on Bridle Vale 4:11 PM Left onto Washington  
6:09 AM 7153 Bridle Vale   Right onto Manette Bridge  
6:11 AM Bridle Vale & 73rd   Left onto Wheaton Way  
  Right on Harvard   Right onto Callahan Drive  
  Left onto Holland 4:20 PM Left onto Cherry Ave  
  Right on Central Valley Rd   Left onto Sheridan   
6:15 AM Left onto Vena Street    cross Wheaton Way  
  Right onto Vena Street  4:22 PM Right onto Pine Rd  
  Right onto Sandra Lane   Pine and E 31st Street  
  Left onto Riddell Rd  4:24 PM Pine Rd./ Brookside Park Apts  
6:19 AM Right onto Pine Rd 4:26 PM Left onto Sylvan  
  Canyon Park Apts   Sylvan / Rickey   
6:21 AM Stop at Rosewell   Right onto Cedargrove Street  
  Right on Pinewood   Cedargrove and Bristlecone Drive  
  Left Pinecone Dr 4:28 PM Right onto Sugar Pine Drive  
6:22 AM Right on SugarPine 4:28 PM Left onto Pinecone  
  Left on CedarGrove 4:29 PM Right onto Pinewood  
6:23 AM Cedar Grove & Bristlecone   Pinewood and Pine Court  
  Left on Sylvan   Pinewood and Pine Needle  
6:26 AM Right on Pine Rd 4:30 PM Left onto Pine Road  
6:27 AM Holly Gardens   Pine and Roswell Drive  
  Pine Road   Pine and Normandy  
  Left on Sheridan   Pine and David  
6:31 AM Right onto Old Wheaton Way 4:33 PM Left onto Riddell Road   
  Cross Manette Bridge 4:34 PM Right onto Sandra Lane  
  Left onto Washington Ave 4:36 PM Left onto Vena St  
  Right onto 6th Street   Right onto Central Valley Rd  
  Left onto Pacific Avenue 4:38 PM Left onto Holland  
6:37 AM Right onto First Street   Right onto Harvard Court  
6:40 AM Main Gate   Left onto 73rd ST  
  Shop 38, Bldg 965, 850 & 850A 4:41 PM Left onto Bridlevale Blvd  
6:47 AM Transportation, Latte Stand   Bridlevale and Reintree Court  
6:50 AM G-lot (Inclement weather left @ Supply)   Left onto Fairgrounds Rd.  
7:00 AM Bus is parked at Charleston Base    Left onto Stampede Blvd  
    4:42 PM Left onto Firglade  
      Firglade and Parkdale Drive  
      Right continuing on Firglade  
    4:44 PM Firglade and Ordfelt  
      Left onto Stampede Blvd  
      Right on Tracyton  
      Rightt onto Tibardis  
    5:00 PM Bus parked  

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