Autumn & Winter Weather Has Arrived!

November 27, 2017

Autumn & Winter Weather has Arrived!
These dark mornings and rain call for extra caution. 

It is now dark enough in the early morning and late evening that your bus operator may have difficulty seeing you alongside the road. When waiting for your bus, please stand in a well-lit spot or use a flashlight or flasher to alert the operator to your location. Laser-type lights can be a hazard to the bus operator. Please use conventional flashlights or reflective flashers and shine them on yourself or on the ground, never into the bus. You can pick up a Kitsap Transit safety flasher at the Customer Service office inside the Bremerton Transportation Center. 

Please board the bus with caution, using handrails where available. During rainy weather, the bus floors and stairs can become slippery.

Be Safe Out There!

Para la traducción de este documento al español, llame al 1-800-501-7433 durante el horario regular de oficina. El personal de servicio al cliente lo contactará a un intérprete.

Para sa pagsasalin ng dokumentong ito sa Tagalog, mangyaring tawagan ang 1-800-501-7433 sa normal na oras ng trabaho. Ikokonekta ka ng kawani ng customer service sa isang tagapagsalin.

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