Public Records Request

Public Records Requests

The intent of public records requests is to provide public access to information concerning the daily conduct of business. The disclosure of public records by Kitsap Transit is in compliance with the Public Disclosure Law of the State of Washington as found in Chapter 42.56 RCW. 

Within five business days following receipt of the request Kitsap Transit will acknowledge receipt of the request along with an expected date materials will be available or provide a reason for denying the request. 

Responsive Records are available for viewing, by appointment with the Public Records Officer, at Kitsap Transit’s Administrative Office, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM.  All requests for viewing or copying of public records will be reviewed for compliance with the Public Disclosure Act of Washington.

The fee for providing copies of Kitsap Transit records, as defined by RCW 42.56.120, is 15¢ per page for paper copies or 10¢ per page for electronic copies. Payment is required before the responsive records are released to the requester per RCW 42.56.120. If a requestor fails to fulfill their obligation to inspect the records, pay the required fees for requested copies, after 30 days the request will be administratively closed. WAC 44-14-040(12). 

Please review Chapter 42.56 RCW and Resolution No. 17-76 Public Records Act Rules for information on definitions, explanations, exemptions, oral requests, and other points regarding Public Records Requests.

Submitting a Public Records Request

Please click here to submit a records request: Kitsap Transit Public Records Portal. Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address with your request.

Jackie Bidon
Clerk of the Board/Public Records Officer

Please be as specific as possible in describing records you wish to obtain including date or inclusive dates, title, subject matter, etc.

In submitting this request you certify that any lists of individuals obtained through this request for public records will not be used for commercial purposes. (RCW 42.17.260/42.56.070)

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