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Riding Kitsap Transit routed buses or the Foot Ferry is easy once you understand the basics. Here is everything you need to know before you go to make sure your first ride – and every ride – is as smooth as can be.

Planning your trip

Getting from Point A to Point B is as easy as 1-2-3. Answer these three simple questions and you’ll be on your way:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. Where are you starting your trip?
  3. When do you want to arrive?

Once you know where and when you want to go, you can plan your trip using one of these three easy methods:

  • Use our online trip planner to instantly map your route. Simply click the 'Plan A Trip' tab in the far right of the menu and enter your information.
  • Call 1-800-501-7433 and our helpful Customer Service staff will gladly assist you in planning your trip.
  • Consult a printed route schedule.

How to Read A Schedule

Kitsap Transit schedules contain a route map and a time table of stops along the route. The time schedule reads from left to right. The locations listed across the top are “timepoints,” or stops that are used to show when the bus will arrive at certain locations shown on the route map. However, the bus does stop at locations in between. If your stop is not listed in the time table, find the timepoints before and after your stop to estimate when the bus will arrive at your location. Three dashes (- - -) indicate that the bus does not serve that timepoint on that trip. Click here to check out our video tutorial on how to read a schedule

Trips Involving More Than One Route

Sometimes to get to your destination you will need to switch from one route to another.  A Kitsap Transit routed bus pass offers you unlimited rides on any Kitsap Transit routed bus or the Foot Ferry for the month of issue. Simply tap your ORCA card with your pass loaded on each vehicle you ride. ORCA card users who pay their regular or reduced fare from E-purse are entitled to a free 2-hour transfer. ORCA transfers are good in any direction of travel at any location. Transfers are free between Kitsap Transit vehicles. When transferring to a Pierce, Metro, Community, Sound or Everett Transit vehicle within two hours, riders will be given credit for the fare paid, paying only the difference in fares. Cash riders can ask for a paper transfer.  Paper transfers are valid at transfer centers and transfer point only for the next connecting bus our ferry.  The easy way to plan your trip is to ask for help! Call our Customer Service Office at 1-800-501-7433. You can also watch this video to learn more about transfers.

Planning a trip with a large group? Click Here

Riding the Bus

Get on Board

If you need help boarding, just tell the operator. Kitsap Transit buses have lifts or ramps to assist riders who have difficulty using the bus steps.  To board, just follow these simple steps:

  • Before you board, have your bus fare ready and allow other riders to exit.
  • As you board, pay the fare using one of the methods below:
    • Cash: Deposit exact change in the fare box; both bills and coins are accepted.
    • ORCA Card: Tap your card on the card reader. 
    • You can also purchase a ticket using our TransitGo App. Click here to watch our video tutorial.
  • Ask the driver for a transfer if you need one.
  • Find an available seat, reserving the seats at the front of the bus for the elderly and disabled.
  • Be alert to your location. The driver will call out major intersections, stops and destinations as the bus travels. This will let you know how close you are to your stop.
  • Pull the cord to ring the bell as you approach your stop.

Respect the Rules

Kitsap Transit rules are designed to keep riders and drivers safe and ensure everyone enjoys the same level of courtesy and respect. While you’re on the bus, please follow these basic do’s and don’ts. Also, see our Complete list of rules.

  • DO wear shoes.
  • DO wear headphones when playing any audio device.
  • DO respect other people’s space and keep your hands to yourself.
  • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke aboard any transit vehicle.
  • DO NOT hang or swing from the bars in the bus or hang anything out the window.
  • DO NOT bring anything dangerous on the bus such as weapons, fireworks, vehicle batteries or flammable liquids.
  • DO NOT disturb others with loud or raucous behavior, profanity or offensive odors.
  • DO NOT bring an animal on board unless it is a service animal or in a suitable carrier.

Be Safe

  • Please keep all bags and parcels with you at all times while using Kitsap Transit services and facilities. Report abandoned bags and parcels, and any suspicious or illegal activity to your operator or other Kitsap Transit employee.
  • Kitsap Transit drivers are friendly and willing to help, but if you have any questions, please ask them when the bus is not moving.
  • A transit bus is not a school bus. Never cross in front of the bus! Wait until the bus has pulled away, and use a designated crosswalk.
  • If you will be removing a bike from the bike rack, always let the driver know as you get off the bus.
  • Remain seated when the bus is in motion. If the bus is full and you need to stand, always hold a handrail.
  • Strollers and shopping carts must be secured and safely stored before travel commences.
  • To ensure their safety, young children must be in your care and control at all times.
  • If you have cause to make a claim for damages against Kitsap Transit, please click here for a Claims Packet.

Helpful Tips

Bus Stop Announcements

Kitsap Transit bus operators are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to announce stops. The announcements help riders with vision problems know when they've reached their stop and keep other passengers informed. When you hear your Kitsap Transit bus operator announce the bus or route number, transfer points, stops or points of interest, they are following federal guidelines. If you would like assistance identifying your destination, please ask your operator to announce your stop.

Check the route sign on the bus before boarding

Some stops are served by more than one bus. Look at the signs across the top of the bus to confirm that you are getting on the route you want. Wave or signal the bus driver so they know you want them to stop.

Not all transfers require a bus change

Some Kitsap Transit buses leave a transit center as a different route than they arrived, so you may not need to get off the bus to transfer. Ask your driver about making connections to another route.

Consider saving money with a monthly pass

If you ride often enough, a monthly pass can save you money. Estimate how many times you’ll pay a fare in a month and multiply it by the fare you’ll pay. A pass might be a better deal!

Consider an ORCA Card

What is ORCA: A form of electronic fare payment accepted on Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, King County Metro Transit, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Everett Transit and the Washington State Ferries.  It allows riders to load fare product, like a monthly pass onto their card and tap their card aboard a bus, train, or ferry to pay their fare. Learn more at myORCA.com

Friendly Drivers

Kitsap Transit drivers are friendly and willing to help. If you have any questions, ask your driver. Remember, they must place safety before conversation. It is best to ask your questions when the bus is not moving. You may also call our Customer Service Office with your schedule questions. Call 1-800-501-7433.

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