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Fill out this form to figure out your annual drive-alone commute cost! Compare it to the cost of other options. If your employer subsidizes commute options such as transit, carpooling or vanpooling, or if you receive free HOV parking, the costs of other modes may even be lower.

1. How many days per month do you work? (21 is full time.)
2. What is your round trip commute (in miles)?
3. How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
4. How much per gallon do you pay for gasoline?
5. What is your cost per mile for maintenance, insurance, license, registration, depreciation, finance charges and taxes?
6. How much do you pay for monthly parking?
Your estimated cost of drive-alone commuting: ---
Compare the yearly cost of other commute options: If you...
Carpool with one other person:
Vanpool five days/week with seven other people in an eleven passenger van: ---
Monthly cost per person:
Yearly cost per person:
Ride the bus annually:
Compress your work week by working four 10-hour days:


Cost per mile estimate based on AAA's "Your Driving Costs 2018" brochure.

Cost of vanpooling based on Kitsap Transit's Vanpool Program Fare Schedule. Prices also available for non-standard workweek schedules and for various numbers of riders up to 14-passenger vans. Please check with Kitsap Transit for these prices. Check with your employer–some employers subsidize transit passes, so your costs might be lower.

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