Sunday Bus Service

Kitsap Transit plans to introduce Sunday bus service in three phases: Phase 1 launched in Bremerton on September 24. Pending successful operator recruitment, Phase 2 of Sunday service will begin in Port Orchard, Silverdale and Poulsbo in March 2024. Phase 3 will begin on Bainbridge Island later in 2024. Bus and Port Orchard Foot Ferry service will be fare-FREE on Sundays through the end of 2024. 

ACCESS service will be available within ¾ of a mile of the fixed routes. Kitsap Transit already operates foot ferry service between Port Orchard and Bremerton on Sundays.   

 Bremerton  |  Silverdale |  Poulsbo  |  Port Orchard |  Bainbridge Island 


Book a ride with Ride Pingo or call 1-844-475-7433 to schedule a trip.  


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Effective September 24, 2023

Route 217–Bremerton/Silverdale East will operate from 8:00 AM to 4:40 PM every 30 minutes. 

Click here for Route 217 Sunday service schedule.

On-Demand Hours in Bremerton

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

In addition to Route 217 and on-demand service, you can hop on a bus at select locations in east and west Bremerton to and from the Bremerton Transporation Center. Click here for scheduled times listed below.  

Learn how to book an on-demand ride.

On-Demand Areas Served

Downtown Bremerton, Manette, Illahee, Tracyton, Eastwood, Fareview, Charleston, Bay Vista, Navy Yard City, Rocky Point, Erlands Point, sections of Chico Way south of Eldorado Hills and a portion of Eldorado Hills.

All on-demand trips must start and end within the service area. 

Passengers cannot book an On-Demand Ride if both their pickup and drop-off locations are within 1/4 mile of Route 217. The on-demand service app will automatically calculate the distance to determine whether your trip request is eligible. Click here for an example.

Trying to catch a ferry?

If you're trying to take the bus to the Bremerton ferry terminal and catch either a Washington State Ferry or Port Orchard Foot Ferry, you can let us know through the Ride Pingo app.

Select “Transit Connect” during the booking process and the sailing time when making your request. This feature is available only for on-demand trip requests, not for rides scheduled in advance. 


Service Area Map

Request a ride now or schedule a trip up to two hours in advance. Our buses cannot navigate certain streets. Refer to map below for service area.

Sunday Service Map - Bremerton and Route 217

Hop on a bus at select locations and scheduled pickup times.

In addition to offering on-demand trips through the Ride Pingo app or by phone and scheduled trips on Route 217, Sunday bus service will operate scheduled trips in west and east Bremerton. See below for select locations and pickup times. You must schedule your ride if you need to travel elsewhere in the service area.  

West Bremerton
Bremerton Transportation Center

West Bremerton
Transit Center


Ostrich Bay 


East Bremerton
Bremerton Transportation Center

Sheridan Road & Perry Avenue
(Perry Avenue Mall)


Perry Avenue
& 11th Street  


Bremerton Transportation Center
West Bremerton Transit Center

Transportation Center


Ostrich Bay
at WinCo  


Bold PM time

Bremerton Transportation Center
Perry Avenue Mall

Transportation Center


Perry Avenue 
& 11th Street


Bold PM time


Target Launch: March 2024

Route 8–Bethel will operate every 30 minutes in Port Orchard. The schedule will be posted when times have been finalized.

Route 332– Poulsbo/Silverdale will operate every 60 minutes between Silverdale and Poulsbo. The schedule will be posted when times have been finalized.

On-demand service areas will be posted when areas are finalized. 



Target Launch: 2024

Route 390–Poulsbo/Bainbridge will operate every 60 minutes.  The schedule will be posted when times have been finalized.

On-demand service area will likely be the same as BI Ride's service area. Maps will be posted when they have been finalized. 


How to Ride – Now or Later

Use the Ride Pingo App 

  1. Download the Ride Pingo app.
  2. Enter your details to create a profile.
  3. Book your ride. Request a ride or schedule a pickup.  

Click here to learn more about Ride Pingo. 

VIDEO: How to use the Ride Pingo app to book a ride.

Click here to learn how to hop on a bus at select locations with scheduled pickup times. 

Call to Schedule a Ride

Call 1-844-475-7433. Reservation lines are open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Sunday. Depending on call volume, you may have to wait to speak to a representative. 

Individual trips may be grouped with other trips to the same or nearby destinations. For riders planning a trip for a scheduled appointment or to connect to another Kitsap Transit bus or ferry departure, the trip will be scheduled to meet those specific time needs. For trips with no specific time constraints, riders may be asked to adjust their desired trip time to coordinate with other scheduled trips in their area.

Traveling in a large group?

Sunday on-demand service is open to anyone but isn’t designed for large groups. You can request a ride for up to six (6) passengers at a time. If you are making a reservation by phone, please notify the reservationist of the total number of passengers. Kitsap Transit will try its best to meet all requested trips but cannot guarantee seating for groups larger than six passengers.

Making connections with Route 217

Sunday on-demand bus service is designed to connect with Route 217–Bremerton/Silverdale East. Depending on your location and destination, you may need to connect with Route 217, click here for the Route 217 Sunday schedule


Fare Free through 2024

Through the end of 2024, Kitsap Transit will not collect bus and foot ferry fares on Sunday. 




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